Boardgame: The Card Game

Is it a board game played like a card game or a card game played like a board game? Whatever it is, it's out now! Get yourself a copy today!
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To New Beginnings

Introducing our debut title, Boardgame: The Card Game, where we've converted the basic concepts of your everyday board game into a card game. Taking traditional board game elements and turning them into cards creates a unique experience, one where the board is always changing and while the player has some control in what their dice roll will be, they'll never know what space they'll land on next.

Game box comes with instructions booklet and a set of 204 cards. Designed for up to 4 players.

As Simple As Rolling Dice

Boardgame: The Card Game is very simple, easy to set up, and hard to sit down. Each player is trying to be the first to complete their own board, consisting of 25 Tile cards in a 5x5 square. Dice have become cards that you draw, giving you some choice in what you roll. Play a dice card when it's your turn and augment it with an Assist ability card.

There are no pawns to represent movement, so in order to move, players draw from the Tile card deck an equal number of Tile cards as the number they rolled with their Dice card. These Tile cards are placed in front of the player, face up, in the order they are drawn. The last Tile card placed is the space the player has landed on.

You landed Here!

Table Turning Abilities

With over 20 unique ability cards, some powerful enough to knock the leader down to last place or position the player in the back of the pack for a quick victory, it's anyone's game until the very last second.

An Ever-changing Game Board

What makes Boardgame: The Card Game so special is that the playing field is always changing, keeping the gameplay fresh the entire session. Whenever a player is made to move backwards, they discard the Tile cards most recently added to their board to symbolize them moving. When that player goes to move forward again, they'll be drawing completely new Tile cards, forever changing the layout of their board.... But not for long.

Expanded Gameplay

The base game of Boardgame: The Card Game is not the finish line. We will continue to develop new ways to play the game by creating expansions, keeping the gameplay fresh for years to come.

Party Mode! An entirely new way to play the base game, allowing for up to 8 player gameplay. Adds pawns and comes with new abilities themed around the new mechanics

Gold Rush! A classic board game element is added to the base game. Currency! New Gold Tiles gift players Gold cards when landed on. Spend Gold to help yourself or hurt others

Dueling Dice! Stay tuned

Abilities Plus! Stay tuned